Kaipa - Sattyg

(Inside Out 2014) CD, Gatefold 2 LP + CD

The unique mix of Swedish folk music, rock and fusion with a tinge of medieval music has given the band a special place in many peoples heart all around the world. The magic sense of wonder that characterizes their latest albums has been taken to a new level with “Sattyg”. Unpredictable paths are discovered on this new expedition and as always they take you to explore new exciting horizons but at the same time the band returns to its roots to bring you familiar classic Kaipa music.


1. A Map Of Your Secret World  15:02

2. World Of The Void  7:49

3. Screwed-upness 13:06

4. Sattyg  3:13

5. A Sky Full Of Painters  14:42

6. Unique When We Fall  5:17

7. Without Time – Beyond Time  9:49

Hans Lundin: Keyboards & vocals

Per Nilsson: Electric & acoustic guitars

Morgan Ågren: Drums

Jonas Reingold: Electric basses

Patrik Lundström: Vocals

Aleena Gibson: Vocals

Special guests:

Fredrik Lindqvist: Recorders & whistles (track 1, 3, 4 & 6)

Elin Rubinsztein: Violin (track 3, 4 & 5)

All songs written by Hans Lundin

Produced by Hans Lundin 2013 - 2014

Recorded by Hans Lundin at HGL Studio Uppsala Sweden

Guitars recorded by Per Nilsson at Studio Kabyss Gävle Sweden

Drums recorded by Morgan Ågren at “Annanstans” Värmdö Sweden

Basses recorded by Jonas Reingold at Reingold Studio Lund Sweden

Mixed by Hans Lundin at HGL Studio 2014

Final mixed and mastered by Martin Igelström at MI Sound Design Uppsala Sweden 2014

Original artwork and booklet design by Hans Lundin

Release date 10 Novcember 2014

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