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"The songs are top notch and believe me, they are breathtakingly beautiful. There isn’t a note out of place, not one piece of music isn’t how you would expect it to be. And the further you get into “Urskog”, the more the sound evolves from the seventy’s vibe into the fusion and JOE SATRIANI feel, but always maintaining that delicate balance that gives the music that extra bit of brilliance. 10/10 MASTERPIECE - Songwriting: 10 - Musicianship: 10 - Memorability: 10 - Production: 10"

”It’s a delightful experience from start to finish, filled with upbeat positivity – you can’t help but pick up on the vibe. Kaipa again sound like no one but themselves, and for me they instil all that can be good about progressive rock. And if this isn’t at the top of my list of albums for 2022, I’ll be astonished.”


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“An album that floats and make you float in a cloud of positiveness and beauty only experience and the inspiration drawn from the exuberant Swedish nature could bring.”

“They create celebratory sonic worlds filled with a childlike sense of wonder, hope, and possibility.”

“This is truly classic prog at its finest, without a mistake or bad direction, either musically or lyrically.”

“The perfect storm of classic melodic progressive rock, highly enjoyable and quite recommended.”

“The whole album has an upbeat energy that suggests it was recorded with sunshine streaming through the studio windows. This is proper prog and no mistake.”


“A well-crafted and creative album...full of long instrumental sections, superbly played by all involved. A bright album full of positive energy that creates a feel good factor.”


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“Sattyg is simply wonderful throughout, a fascinating addition to the now extensive Kaipa catalogue. They really don’t put a foot wrong here in an exhilarating display of invention and musical celebration.”

“This in simply one the best and most complete Swedish retro prog rock albums ever released. Their blend of folk, prog and fusion really comes together on this album, and they show the prog world how a prog rock album with strong Swedish roots is put together!

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“As I hit play, the sun slowly rose upon the meadow, burning away the fog to reveal something truly wondrous.”

“There are not many bands that can produce music like this, which literally sucks you into the experiences and reflections that the vocalists are describing, all the while taking you on a journey that weaves here and there, this way and that, and ultimately leaves you as the song fades away in your ears with one over-riding thought.. Superb!”

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“I think most prog fans would travel great distances barefoot over stony ground to hear music like this and there are many, many bands I can think of who would doubtless give their eye teeth to create something as lavish and sumptuous as In The Wake...”

“In short, "In The Wake Of Evolution" is pure genius. The intricacy in which the melodies dance alongside and around each other on each track, as well as the sheer diversity of the album's content, is mind-blowing. Kaipa truly smash up the musical barriers that restrict so many artists, never allowing them to reach their potential.”

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“The album is a joyful and spiritual experience, packed with everything from poetic beauty to mindboggling instrumental extravaganza. It offers some of the grooviest and most successful 7/8 time signatures ever made in "The Fleeting Existence Of Time" and breathtaking beauty in "Path Of Humbleness," which must be among the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.”

“With superb musicianship, charming vocal harmonies and imaginative song craftwork, Kaipa has successfully incorporated sounds both old and new, building a bridge between the '70s and the '00s. Enchanting and electrifying, Angling Feelings represents both the overwhelming potential and the very best aspects of contemporary progressive rock.”

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“Expect the unexpected. Expect brilliant vocal harmonies and a catchy groove to just appear out of seemingly nowhere. Expect for the guitar solos to lift you and take you through both time and space. Expect for time to stand still as you gaze in wonder at all the amazing colors and imagery that is painted across your mind. Expect to hear something you haven't heard before. Expect to know that Kaipa is pure uninhibited progressive prowess at its peak. Expect to love this album as much as you loved the last one. They continue to amaze me and everyone else, even after 30 years.”

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“A true progressive rock masterpiece.”

“Keyholder plunges us one again into the deep rolling sea of a musical acid trip. Filled with every color and texture, Keyholder paints extraordinary pictures with watercolors yet to be defined and thoughts yet to be collected. Any progressive fan will easily see the beauty and majesty of this grand expanse of musical freedom. Now sit back, relax, and ride upon the coattails of your imagination. Those who helped define progressive music are still the masters.”

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"The overall effect is simply breathtaking. Pure mastery of prog rock essentials. The music itself takes us back into the 70s, then hurls us back into the 90s and into the future. KAIPA is a bridge between the past and the future. It has no prejudice while looking back into the crazy 70s and no fear looking into the uncertain future. To sum up, rarely do we get the chance to hear such an amazing musical production."

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